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I'm thrilled to introduce longtime development executive and literary manager Rhonda Bloom!

I remember the first set of notes I got from Rhonda.  They were laser-like in their precision.  They were so clear as to be bracing.  And yet she gave them to me with a light touch and a sense of humor.
She told me some hard stuff about my script.  But I absolutely loved hearing it from her.  I remember laughing throughout the call.
So, when Rhonda recently expressed an interest in opening her doors to development clients, I was thrilled to introduce her to you all, my coaching clients!
Rhonda comes to her work as script consultant with literally decades of experience.  She's watched thousands of movies and television shows.  She's read tens of thousands of scripts.  She's developed and sold dozens of projects.   She's managed writers and directors for thirteen years.
So when you get notes from her, you're getting all of that experience and wisdom brought to bear on your idea-- on making your idea or your script as good as it can get.
She's worked with rank beginners all the way up the likes of David Mamet.  She's a great listener and always approaches scripts with a constructive, solution-oriented attitude.
Simply put: if your script or idea needs developing, she'll help you take it to the next level!
Sounds great!  Can you tell me more about Rhonda?
Rhonda is a veteran development consultant, with over 30 years experience as a development executive, manager and producer.  Her executive experience includes tenures as Vice President of Television for Paula Weinstein’s Spring Creek Productions, Vice President of Development for Producer’s Entertainment Group, The Larry Thompson Organization, Dan Blatt Productions, and story editor for Zanuck-Brown Productions. Her producing credits include CBS telefilms Replacing Dad, Separated by Murder, and Broken Promises, and the Showtime telefilm Floating Away.
Some of the premiere talent she has worked with include David Mamet, Larry Gelbart and John Badham.  She helped Gregory Widen get his first credited job on a TV movie for ABC which she sold and associate produced.  She discovered Peter Gould (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) when he'd only written one script.  Based on her recommendation HBO hired him to adapt the best-selling non-fiction book A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  She has worked with Ilene Chaikin (The L-Word, Empire), Will Sheffer (Big Love), and extensively with Kelly Masterson (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead).  She has been a literary manager for over 10 years.  Her clients have sold projects to AMC, HBO, ABC, Showtime, Lifetime, to name just a few, and worked on television and films for FOX, Lifetime and Ridley Scott and Associates.  She holds her Masters from USC's Peter Stark Producing Program.
So how do I get started?!
Pick the package below that applies to your project! 
Each package includes: 
1) Reading the material. 
2) Written notes. 
3) A one-hour phone consultation.  (Additional time can be booked at a pro-rated rate.)

Feature Script $499


Pilot Script 1 Hour $399


Pilot Script 1/2 Hour $299


Treatment $149



Click on the link for the service you want!



But there's more!  There's not one but

TWO Special Bonuses when you purchase a development package!


One of the most challenging things to do effectively in a script is to pack an emotional punch using Theme. 


Fortunately for you, Rhonda has done a lot of the work for you.  And she's sharing it as a bonus when you purchase her services!  It's her Theme Worksheet called "The Heart of the Matter: Common Themes in Film & Television."


She's boiled down all the thousands of films and TV shows she's watched, all the tens of thousands of scripts she's read into a simple and powerful document.  Talk about saving time and cutting to the chase!


AND if that weren't enough...


Rhonda's 5 Keys to a Sellable Script Tele-Class is so good that we're going to give it to you for you to keep for your library when you purchase a script development package!  That's right!  This awesome 5 Keys Audio is yours to keep. 


(I love it so much I'm going to listen to it the next time I start a new script!)


Here's what you'll get in the 5 Keys to a Sellable Script Tele-Class Audio!

    •    A common mistake that emerging screenwriters make.
    •    How to pack an emotional punch with your script.
    •    The difference between "commercial" and "sellable."
    •    How to figure out what the heck to write.
    •    The myth of the "likeable" character.
    •    And the 5 Keys to a Sellable Script!


Whatever stage you're at with your script or idea, you won't want to miss it!


The Theme Worksheet and 5 Keys Audio are a $99 value!  Yowza!  Jump on it!


Can't wait to see your script soar!