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The Importance of Identifying Your Brand


Former casting director of such legendary shows as M*A*S*H* and a former talent manager, Sam Christensen brings decades of experience to his branding work with actors and creatives.  The Sam Christensen Program of classes and services provides a tested, research-based system that adapts as careers grow and change by defining an image, an individual "Personal Brand."  Listen to Sam explain exactly what branding is and why you absolutely must understand your brand!




PR Basics for Entertainment Industry Pros


Tammy Lynn, Head Publicist + Founder of Spotlight PR Company, has spent the last 17 years helping thousands of creative professionals craft their public image, develop name recognition and build buzz for themselves and their projects.


The biggest mistake people make when it comes to PR is this: they do nothing!  During Tammy's call, you’ll learn PR basics, address your fears, and understand why and how you can use PR to get the attention your career deserves.



3 Keys to Shaping Your Image Online


Tony Howell- Founder and CEO of Creative Social Media, an innovative start-up that teaches individuals how to leverage social media to raise their profile, create new opportunities and connect with larger audiences.


Casting and creatives are using Google and Facebook for research (often before making offers or giving out appointments). It’s no longer enough to deliver a great product—you have to be conscious of how you’re sharing yourself online. Tony Howell, actor and founder of Creative Social Media joins us to teach the three keys of an artists’ successful online presence. Put the web to work for you 24/7!





The Money Piece: What Does It Take to Sustain Your Dream?
Miata Edoga is President and Founder of Abundance Bound, Inc., the 12-year old financial education company for actors, artists and creative professionals. She has a vision of a community of artists – all financially secure and confident – pursuing their passion free from the crushing weight of financial stress.  Abundance Bound provides financial education and tools to empower artists with their money and financial well-being.  Listen to her class on getting a handle on your own financial situation and your relationship with your money!

5 Keys to Your Career Jump Start


Shawn Tolleson is the Premiere Career Coach for Entertainment Industry Professionals of all disciplines giving you the practical tools you need to accomplish your dream career.

I work with entertainment industry professionals like you to give you the practical tools you need to accomplish your dream career.  I do it with fun, balance and no B.S.  I've coached actors to increasing their auditions by 1200% and their bookings by 1700%.  I've coached writers to selling scripts and getting staffed on episodic TV shows, directors and producers to securing financing for their projects and getting them made and distributed. I've coached editors and composers to landing their dreams jobs, and make-up artists from one job every 2 months to working non-stop, earning six figures a year.


Join me to learn the 5 Keys to your career Jump Start and get practical tools to take your career from the slow lane to the fast lane right now.




The 5 Keys to a Great Pitch


Signe Olynyk is a Writer / Producer and the co-founder of ScriptFest and PitchFest, which includes the Great American PitchFest, the Great British PitchFest, and the Great Canadian PitchFest.


What makes a successful pitch?  What needs to be in every pitch no matter how long or short?  Join Signe Olynyk, founder of ScriptFest and the Great American PitchFest, the largest screenwriting conference in Los Angeles.  Learn how you can master the fundamentals of pitching to not only get your script made, but to tap into hundreds of relationships with the agents, managers and production companies essential to developing your filmmaking career.



A True Tale of Success That Every Creative Professional Needs To Hear


Kristine Oller is a Change Strategist who specializes in helping smart, ambitious professionals integrate their big goals into their complex lives.


Are you a smart, ambitious creative professional who has mastered your craft, polished your appearance, networked up the ladder AND studied the biz but who still – STILL – seems to hit some invisible obstacle when it comes to sealing the deal or claiming the prize?  In this interview, Change Strategist Kristine Oller will dissect a true tale of success and reveal what this particular artist is doing that is shifting her career to the next level – and Kristine will teach you how you can do the exact same thing.


How to Find YOUR Audience                                                                                                                  


Emily Best founded Seed&Spark to make a contribution to the truly independent community in which she would like to make moving pictures. In 2011, she had the great fortune of producing her first feature with a remarkable group of women. The spirit, the community and the challenges of that project, Like the Water, inspired Seed&Spark.


A direct connection to your audience is the only path to independence. As a creative entrepreneur with a desire for an independent career, you have to engage in building your customer base. That kind of talk immediately makes many filmmakers nervous: can you care about your customer and still preserve the integrity of your creative process? YES. Yes you can.



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