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Champions keep playing until they get it right.  – Billie Jean King


If you are going through hell, keep going.  - Winston Churchill


It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. - Albert Einstein


What do all of these brilliant and accomplished people have in common? 





I don't know about you, but I'm up to big things for 2018.  In the face of several life and family challenges this year, I got some huge things done, and made some enormous breakthroughs in my career.  And I want to build on those for 2018!


As you probably know, there are many things that go into achieving a breakthrough.  (That's an understatement!)  But over and over again, what's clear to me is that the most important thing is PERSISTENCE.


That's where my ongoing coaching program THRIVE comes in.  We give you the structure, support, coaching and tools to PERSIST.


How exactly do we do this?


Two hour and fifteen minute group coaching calls with me every month.  These calls run at least seventy-five minutes, and often longer.  I coach you on exactly what you need, right where you are.  You hear others getting coached and learn from them. You get inspired, energized and motivated to keep going!  If you miss a call, we always record them so that you can listen at your convenience.


Tool of the Trade Podcast every month.   In these podcasts I give you tools to help you work your plan and achieve your goals.  One of my recent Tools of the Trade was called "How To De-Mush Your List!"  Wouldn't it help you to stop being overwhelmed by that huge list you never get through!  Exactly.  Tools of the Trade help you build mastery so that your hard work takes you even farther.


Yearly + Monthly Planners.   It's one thing to know your goal.  It's another thing to have it time-lined with clear milestones and actions so that every day when you sit down at your desk you know exactly what you need to do to accomplish it!  I provide you with both 12 month planners and new monthly planners for every month. You fill them out, send them to my team for feedback, and we help you make sure you're on course!


End-of-Month Check-in Form.   You have the opportunity to fill this out so that my team and I can see and celebrate your progress!  This also gives us a chance to help you course-correct and formulate new strategies as necessary.


Membership in the THRIVE private Facebook community, where networking, resource-sharing and even job-posting takes place!  It's a generous community of committed and accomplished professionals.


10% off Private Coaching with Shawn.  When you need to laser-focus with me, you can do it at a great price.


Alumni Tier: 

Once you've actively participated in THRIVE for at least 3 months, you're eligible to join our Free Alumni Tier and get:


Optional Accountability Partner assigned each month.  This is a great way to grow your network and get personalized support.  Many Accountability Partners have become collaborators and even close friends. 



And, last but not least, you can participate from anywhere in the world!  THRIVE members are directors, writers, actors, producers, composers, DPs and more in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Australia, Sweden and around the world!



THRIVE is regularly $37/month, but you can join for only $7 for your first month!







What clients are saying ...



"These tools won't just change your career, they'll change your life!" --Patrick Gorman, Actor, dozens of credits over his 65 year career including Three Days of the Condor, NCIS: LA, Teen Wolf, and recurring on FOX's hit show Sleepy Hollow




“The more success I’ve achieved in my career the more I’ve craved high-level coaching. Shawn Tolleson’s insight, intuition, and strategic understanding of the industry have helped me to soar.” Jan Eliasberg, Director/Writer/Producer, dozens of hours of episodic television including Parenthood, NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Nashville



"Attending Shawn's group coaching calls get me plugged in to my community, inspired by other member's actions, and reminds me to use the tools I've learned in Shawn's other programs.  I'm reinvigorated around my monthly goals and take clearer actions toward them after each call. Thanks Shawn!"  --Brenda Adelman, Writer/Actor, award-winning one-woman show My Brooklyn Hamlet



"The THRIVE group calls keep me thriving.  I learn something new during every group call and hear myself through fellow THRIVERS as they ask questions and share their experiences.  I feel honored to spend this time with like-minded professionals who are committed to achieving strategized goals.  Shawn’s expertise, insight, and guidance provide me with a safe platform of accountability and support."  --Sylvie Obledo, Actor/Brand Strategist, Blood Relations



“I don't say it enough to you.  THANK YOU!  Every time we get together you end up changing my life for the better.  I don't know how you do it.  You are an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with.  You are able to help everyone you meet.  It is an inspiration.  I'm so happy we met and that you are helping me find my true north."  Leanna Primiani, Composer The Ghost Speaks, Saturn Returns